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Helena Heinrihsone

Ivars Heinrihsons

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Helena Heinrihsone


   All my life is solely in paintings. The biggest disappointments. The biggest dramas are connected with my failures in painting. I have never had such experiences with people, as I have had with my paintings or the creations of others.

Helena Heinrihsone  


   In the Latvian pictorial art the name of Helena Heinrihsone is associated with things distinctive only to her: being too open, too colorful, and too expressive. But her challenge has never been self – aimed or empty. Someone had named it area painting (during the 1990’s) but Helena has always emphasized the esence of content through purity of color and form.

Ilze Zeivate



1. Vasaras ķērāja,165x125,2000           2. Vasaras vārti, 162x130,1994                    3. Nirēju pāris jūra. 162x130,1994


4. Divi, 140x140, 2008                5. Lapas, 110x130, 2007                                          6. Nakts Venēcijā, 120x100, 2008


7. Safran, 120x100, 2009                   8. Raudāšana naktī, 146x130, 2004                    9. Sarkanā, 130x146, 2008


10. Gavilējošie zēni, 130x146, 2002          11. Divi. 130x130, 2008-2009          12. Apsnigušas rozes, 114x146, 2008


13. Pastaiga mežā, 146x114, 2001                    14. Nirējs saulrietā, 162x114, 2001              15. Daiļslidotājs, 190x110, 1991


16. Ūdenskritums, 163x170, 2002                    17. Roze ar lapām, 198x147, 2007    18. Pakaļdzīšanās, 220x200, 2007


19. Frīda, 170x200, 2006                                 20. Atspīdums, 80x60, 2011    21. Sarkanā, 50x60, 2010


22. Siena, 45x60, 2009                                 23. Nakts lidoņi, 40x50, 2009               24. Baltais, 35x45, 2001


25. Rozā, 41x51, 2009                                       26. Sarkanā, 41x51, 2009         27. Sarkanā raudātāja, 137x96, 1998-2004


28. Roze un divi vīrieši, 114x146                           29. Melnās kājas. 120x100, 2005   30. Divas draudzenes. 55x55, 2001

Ivars Heinrihsons

Ivars Heinrihsons (1945) is the finest exponent of lyrical Neo-expressionism in Latvia contemporary painting. His is a sophisticated achromatic palette of colours where a black line or field is the basis of eerything providing expression and stability. The painter’s cources of inspiration are very concrete and reveal the inner forms of expression of his ego.

Ilze Žeivate

Ivars Heinrihsons is open to the world and other media, he can give in for eksperiments beyond the two-dimensional plane, but his inheret perfectionism makes him work to refine of what has been found, for it is the only way to achieve quality.  Unobtrusively yet steadily, he concentrates ever more on particular increasingly abstracted images (the piano, horses and – horses again), the expressive power being combined with laconism or sophisticated linearity, and every compositional, tonal or textural detail pbtains growing importance.

D. habil. Art. Eduards Kļaviņš, profesor of the Latvian Academy of Art



1. Ekspresija, 240x200, 2010                 2. Lidojošās. 220x200, 2010                      3. Kustība, 220x200, 2010


4. Vienradzis, 220x200, 2010            5. Balerīna, 220x200, 2010              6. Divi zirgi - saskare, 147x198, 2000


7. Divi zirgi, 180x170, 2008                             8. Gaisma, 162x130, 2010                       9. Spēle, 162x130, 2009/2010


10. Uz tumsu, 155x150, 1020                     11. Divi zirgi - līnijzirgi, 180x150 2010  12. No tumsas, 150x140, 1991


13. Skrējiens, 114x195, 1998                                                                     14. Zirga savaldīšana, 100x120, 2008


15. Melnais skrējiens, 89x116, 1995                           16. Zirgs, 90x80, 1997                       17. Zirga galva I, 90x70, 2010


18. Balerīna, 160x81, 2010        19. Balerīns, 80x60, 2008          20. Marokas zirgi I, 40x130, 2009

21. Marokas zirgi II, 40x130, 2009


22. Zirga ģeometrija, 60x50, 2001   23. Divi zirgi, 65x60, 2009              24. Zirga galva, 60x80, 2000


25. Zirgi II, 120x90, 2007/2009            26. Baltais zirgs, 120x90, 2008   

Anna Heinrihsone

Anna Heinrihsone has graduated stage designing in Latvian Art Academy. And until this moment she has been making decorations and costumes for about 30 shows in various theatres in Latvia, and has earned approving valuations. However, parallel to scenography she is also painting.

It is an absolutely solitary world of images - Anna Heinrihsone's "theatre of mimes", in which every new painting is perceptible as a sequel of the last.

The artist in her paintings has directness typical to the drawing of children, and it leads us into ironical, stinging and tragicomic world of images, and the faces of the people that show their experienced revelation of lifetime - old and young -, angels, circus clowns, masks - all of them cry and laugh, grieve and pause in an emotional heighteness.

Born: Riga, 30.07.70.

Education: J. Rozentāla Art College,  Latvian Academy of Arts - Faculty of Stage-design,  Latvian Academy of Arts - Master Degree program.

Personal exhibition: 1997   „1997", Gallery of Ivonna Veiherte, Riga;  2004  „Thanksgiving Day", Maksla XO Gallery, Rīga; 2005  „Comedy addict. Cowns diary", Maksla XO Gallery,Riga; 2007   "Lacrima", Maksla XO Gallery, Riga  .   Stage Design: Since 1995- overall 27 performance

Awards: 1999  The Best TV audio visual design prize; 2000   The Best Theatre Costumes Designer


1. Dejojošie mūki I, 80x90, 2007                2. Dejojošie mūki II, 80x90, 2007            3. Dejojošie mūki III, 80x90, 2007


4. Vecums I, 100x90, 2010                             5. Vecums II, 100x90, 2010                             6. Kāds ar spoguli I, 80x120


7. Kāds ar spoguli II, 80x120, 2010        8. Galva I, 30x24, 2010                                  9. Galva II, 30x24, 2010


10. Galva III,  30x24, 2010                       11. Galva IV, 30x24, 2010                         12. Galva V, 30x24, 2010


13. Skulptūra I, 2010                                  14. Skulptūra I, 2010                                   15. Skulptūra II, 2010